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Spa Body Treatment

Applying pure nature elements: thermal mineral water, algae, mud, essential oils and herbs. The Kerstin Florian Spa Programmed includes the following treatments to re-mineralize, nourish and rejuvenate the body:

Kfi-Thermal Mineral Exfoliating Body Scrub

This unique deep-cleansing body treatment contains minerals derived from Hungarian thermal mineral water and aromatherapy oil. Its light buffing grains remove dull surface skin cells, and refine skin texture. Weekly use promotes softer and smooth-looking skin. Leave skin feeling renewed.

55min = $45 BOOK NOW
Kfi-Chamomile Body Scrub

This natural pumice scrub contains finely ground French pumice grains that gently buff away dull surface skin. Smoother skin that is more radiant is revealed immediately.

Benefits: Suitable for all skin types. Exfoliates the skin without irritation. Chamomile flower calms and soothes the skin to minimize redness and irritation. Not recommend for sunburn and hyper sensitive skin.

55min = $45 BOOK NOW
Exotic Lime And Ginger Salt Glow

Start with light skin brushing, and then followed by a body scrub to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. Warm oil is applied in a mini massage luxuriously over the body to relax; Skin is deeply cleansed and moisturized, leaving it glowing and vibrant.

45min = $35 BOOK NOW
Herbal Energizing Body Scrub

Mineral salt soak with aromatic oil combine with herbal 'Pha Lei' and turmeric; this formulation is excellent for removing dead cells and promoting cells regeneration. Feel a natural, radiant, and glowing skin after treatment.

45min = $35 BOOK NOW
Traditional Khmer Herbal Body Wrap

A healing of herbal organic including turmeric, 'Pha Lei', galangal, cinnamon, ginger, lemonĀ­ grass and wild lime leaves which benefit for refreshing, detoxification, relieving muscular tension and beautifying.

45min = $35 BOOK NOW
Exotic Honey & Coconut Body Wrap

True natural body care extends beyond basic health and aesthetic concerns to fun, frolic, physical and tactile pleasures, warm and tender sharing, and a celebration of life. Treatment finishes off with relaxing coconut oil body massage. Best recommend for a Valentine's Day surprise and calming sunburn.

90min = $50 BOOK NOW
Nourishing Body Wrap

This comforting treatment beĀ­ gins with a warm sugar scrub exfoliation. A warm milk and honey body wrap nourishes and smooth skin with a scalp massage complement for the ultimate relaxation.

45min = $35 BOOK NOW
Mango Body Wrap

A superior exfoliation immersed in tropical flavors. You will get the added benefit of lighter skin in the areas that have been pigmented because of sun or age. Helps to unclog pores. Filled with Vitamins A, C, and B.

45min = $35 BOOK NOW
Aromatich Oil Body Wrap

An intense dry brushing and healing pressure followed by a skin boosting essential oil of a choice with revitalizing, soothing, calming, and invigorating. Once cocooned, allow the skin to absorb all the natural benefits of the essential oil pack, while the mind escapes to utter bliss with the help of an essential facial scalp relax massage. Countering effects to aging, refining, and restoring skins resilience.

45min = $35 BOOK NOW
Kfi-Spirulina Wrap

This is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and enzymes harvested from pure salt lakes in Southern California, Kerstin Florian. This treatment helps to nourish and revitalize the body. This wrap is both purifying and firming.

45min = $60 BOOK NOW
Kfi-Organic Moor Mud Body Wrap

Helps in healing of skin problems, treats back ACNE, tones and tightens the skin, helps to reduce cellulites, improves circulation, alleviates muscle pain. Value in CLEANSE & DETOXIFY / REMINERALIZE / REJUVENATE / FIRM UP SKIN / CLEAR ACNE / FIGHT AGING & CELLULITES.

We recommend ending your session with aromatic massage with 25% discount.

45min = $60 BOOK NOW
Waist Stagnation Clearing Mineral

Exfoliating followed by mineral process for the entire body infuses ampoules and hydrating creams reducing cellulite and water retention. By removing impurities and assisting with elimination of toxin, this treatment leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, and well moisturized. The treatment completed with Abdominal Detox Massage's techniques of navel and deep organ energy massage experience to release and clear blockages, toxins, excessive heat and negative emotions.

75min = $55 BOOK NOW
Rejuvenation Body Wrap

Dark spots (also known as age spots or sun spots) are areas where the skin produces more pigments than the rest. Similar to scars, they influence the look of a person but are usually not of a health concern. If used continuously the process, it can help to remove the darkened skin until new light skin emerges.

45min = $35 BOOK NOW

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